Friday 12 June 2009

A lucky (re) find

Years ago I had a phenomenal piece of luck in finding a classic chess book. The book was David Bronstein's 'Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953' and I picked up a second hand copy for the princely sum of $2 from Skidmore's Junk Shop in the town of Temora, NSW. Actually it wasn't I that found it, it was my then girlfriend (Temora being her home town), and her ability to sniff out a chess book in amongst the piles of junk was one of the reasons I married her.
However at some later stage I lent the book to a fellow chess player, and while I am pretty sure I know who it is, I'm also pretty sure I was never getting it back. So a lucky find became an unfortunate loss.
That is until this week when I got a tip (not from my wife, but another generous chessplayer) that a copy was on the shelves of one of the many second hand bookshops in Canberra. Heading there at the earliest opportunity I was delighted to find it still available for purchase. I didn't get it quite as cheaply the second time around, but it was still a bargain at $11. And while I was happier to re-add it to my collection, I suspect my wife was happier still.

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