Sunday, 19 April 2009

Johansen wins Sydney International Open

GM Darryl Johansen has won the 2009 Sydney International Open on tie-break, after 4 players tied for equal first on 7/9. The other three players were GM Gawain Jones (defeating IM Sriram Jha), GM Abhijit Kunte (defeating GM Shojaat Ghane) and IM George Xie (who not only defeated IM Roy Chowdery, but also secured his first GM norm).
The win for Johansen followed his tie for 4th in the 2009 O2C Doeberl Cup (half a point behind the winners), a feat also achived by Xie. However the player who had the best combined result over the 2 events was the popular English GM Gawain Jones, who tied for 1st in both events with 7/9, although curiously, he did so without playing any of his fellow GM's in either tournament.
Full scores and games can be found at the Sydney International Open link on the ChessAustralia website.


Jim Flood said...

Well done to Jake McCook (6/9) who came 7th out of a field of 54 in the International Challengers.

And also to Yi Yuan, 26th (5.5/9), in a very tough field of 100 players in the International Open.

Congratulations as well to Endre Ambrus on being awarded his FIDE Master title.

Alana said...

Yes well done fellow Canberrans!

It's a shame I couldn't make it down for the SIC after my Doeberl result, but hope to play it next year!

Anonymous said...


I wish I could play this tournament... and Doeberl Cup...


Henrik Mortensen