Saturday, 4 April 2009

Another Chess Variant

Mark Scully: "Here's something for your blog. I've invented a game better than chess"
Shaun Press: "No you haven't. But tell me about this game you think is better than chess"
So went the conversation at Street Chess today. And the game was described as follows
  • Kings, Pawns and Knights move and capture as in normal chess
  • Bishops, Rooks and Queens (Sliding pieces), move as normal, but must jump a single piece (yours or your opponents) as part of a move.
  • Sliding pieces capture other pieces by jumping them, with the exception of enemy pawns
  • Enemy pawns can only be captured by non-sliding pieces
At this point the next round of the tournament started, so the description may be incomplete. I assume that check and checkmate are a function of how pieces moves (sliders must have an intervening piece to give check) and that pawn promotion remains the same.

Checking "Encyclopedia of Chess Variants" doesn't turn up anything identical to this game (or anything substantially similar), so credit goes to Mark Scully for this invention.

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