Friday 13 March 2009

A trap to avoid

Courtesy of the ChessToday game collection for February 2009 comes the following trap in the Semi-Slav. Due to its frequent appearance in recent World Championship matches, the Semi-Slav has become a popular opening again, and I've even tried to add it to my repertoire (with dismal results btw).
In the example game the plausible 12.O-O is the blunder, and indeed White is better after the alternative 12.Bb2. Nonetheless Black still has to play exactly after 15.Bxd5 as the immediate 15. ... Qxa1 is also a blunder with 16.Bb2 trapping the Black Queen. And 14.h3 doesn't help White as Ribli defeated Portisch with 14. ... Bxh3 back in 1985.

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