Saturday 14 March 2009

2009 O2C Doeberl Cup - less than a month to go

When I gave my last Doeberl Cup update 2 weeks ago, 110 players had registered for all the events. In the last 14 days this has jumped to 182! The Premier section has reached its limit of 80 players, but don't fret. Due to the popularity of this event, and the large number of overseas players entering this year, the organisers have increased to size of the field to 90 players. So there are still 9 places left in this event. There has also been an increase in the number of titled players in the Premier with the tournament attracting 8 GM's, 14 IM's, 4 WGM's, 1 WIM, 6 FM's and 3 WFM's.
The prize list has also been inceased with the addition of the Bedi Cup and the Pooja Cup. The Bedi Cup will be awarded to the best Australian Junior player in the Premier, along with a prize of $1000. The Pooja Cup will be awarded to the best Australian Female Junior player in the Minor Event (Under 1600), along with a prize of $500. Both of these prizes have been provided by Baldev Bedi.

(** I am a paid official at this event **)

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Who is the Pooja Cup named after?

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Alex Toolsie

ps- I like the fact you are so forthcoming about being a paid volunteer for this event. That adds some transparency which I am sure many readers, including myself, appreciate.

Shaun Press said...

Courtesy of tournament organiser Charles Bishop. "The Pooja Cup for the Best Australian Female Junior in the Minor earns its name from the Hindi word Pooja which is related to dedication and belief and focuses on disciplining the mind to prevent it wandering about on different things. Pooja is also a very popular name for women in Indian, especially in the Northern areas of India."