Sunday 29 March 2009

Dubbo Weekender - Day 2

2nd seed David Castor is the 2009 Dubbo Open Champion, finishing the event with 5.5/6. After finishing Day 1 with 3/3 Castor scored a win in round 4 over top seed Raul Samar, after Samar suffered a 'mobile phone loss'. Castor then won a long rook and pawn ending against Emma Guo, before a 4 move draw against Angelito Camer rounded out the event.
Camer finished in second place on 5 points, with a 5 way tie for third. In this group on 4.5 were Tony Weller, Emma Guo, Alan Setiabudi, Fritz Van Der Waal, and myself. After my horrible start yesterday (0.5/2) I strung together 4 wins, although none of my opponents was rated above 1300, and I clearly had the worst tie-break of the third place getters.
Various Canberra players finished in the prizes including Alana Chibnall and Megan Setiabudi (Under 1600), Joshua Bishop and Glen Ingham (Under 1200), and Jo Mason (best Under 800) and Jamie-Lee Guo (2nd Under 800)


Anonymous said...

what happened with the mobile phone loss?

Anonymous said...

A 4 move draw in the last round?? Talk about only playing for the money!