Tuesday 8 July 2008

Successful Olympiad Fundraiser

The ACT Junior Chess League ran a very successful Olympiad Fundraiser today, with over $1100 being raised for the 2008 Australian Olympiad team. 105 players took part in a 10 round allegro tournament (G/15), with lucky door prizes and the ever popular pizza lunch on offer.
The tournament was won by top seed Edward Xing who won all 10 of his games. Yijun Zhang finished 2nd on 8.5 and Sathya Chitturi was third on 8.
I spectated the early rounds and got to witness a couple of interesting stalemates (as you do in these events). And apart from a couple of spectators who thought it was OK to provide advice to other players, it seemed that everyone was (a) well behaved and (b) quite confident in using chess clocks and following the rules. So hopefully these kind of events aren't just about raising funds for the current Olympiad team, but will also create a chess "culture" that will see future teams adequately supported as well.


Anonymous said...

$1166.55 has been transferred to the Olympiad Account today.

ACTJCL lent further support to the end total by donating all drinks and chocolates sold on the day so we were able to bank 100% of the canteen takings. Thank you to the very supportive committee.

And big thumbs-up to Shannon Oliver who spent a lot of the afternoon with us and had many very excited little girls milling about her and challenging her to games. I know it's not grounds for selection of itself, but it's great to have someone like Shannon in our local community who has remained a genuinely active player and readily gives back to our junior activities. Such efforts have always attracted bonus points from me.

Anonymous said...

However all credit is really due to Libby who has shown how this can be easily achieved. She exemplifies the can do attitude that makes positive outcomes occur. So from me as president of the ACTJCL a big thank you to Libby who continues to provide a high level of valuable support to the ACT and Australian Chess community.

A big thank you to Shannon as role models provide valuable support for our up and commers. David Smerdon was not in town to assist on Tuesday but last week he suggested possibilities for an ACTJCL supported activity later in the year for additional fund raising so stay tuned ACT.