Thursday 31 July 2008

A nice endgame trick

The diagrammed position came from a game at last weekends ANU Open. White had been winning for much of the game, although Black had recovered somewhat after White had lost the exchange to a skewer. This piece of good fortune had impressed Black so much he celebrated it with a double fist pump, although the game was still in progress.
Nonetheless the game eventually ended in a draw, although it shouldn't have. It is White to play in this position. What should he play? (but didn't)

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Anonymous said...

I think White should do this:

1. b8Q+ Kxb8
2. c7+ KxC7
3. Bxa4 Kd6
4. Kf5 Ke7
5. Bb3 Kf8
6. Kxf6 Ke8
7. Ke6 Kf8
8. f5 Kg7
1 -0
(either Kf8 for Black, the pawn will be come Queen).