Wednesday 2 April 2008

An indispensable tool

If you are running a blog, especially one with an unmoderated comments section then the following tool may come in handy. The StupidFilter, available from, classifies posts by their level of stupidness. Each body of text is checked against a criteria, and given a "stupid" score, from "this post isn't stupid", to "George W. Is that you?".
Interestingly the classification isn't based on whether you say stupid things ("Extended warranty. How can I lose!"), but whether you say them in a stupid manner (excessive punctuation!!!, OVERUSE of CAPITALS, and AFAIK, the use of silly acronyms).
While it can be installed on you own computer, probably the best way to test its effectiveness is to visit the website and try their online demo. However Malcolm Tredinnick, (who gleefully pointed out the existence of the tool to me), warns that entering posts from various Australian chess discussion boards may result in your computer bursting into flames.


Anonymous said...

Considering the quality of some comments, including mine, I consider it is quite justifiable for relevant computers bursting into flames.

Pity it doesn't actually happen to the posters.

Anonymous said...

malcom may be right. this tools was probably never intended for such hard work.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! that last comment cracks me up!