Thursday 24 April 2008 is quite a useful online reference for chess players. Using the sensible model of free to access (and join) but an extra charge for premium services, chessgames is basically an online database and discussion board. Extra features include additional search tools, guess-the-move functions and additional opening/ending resources.
One feature that is free (even to non-members) is the ability to search by player name. And when you do this you even get a little biography of the player concerned. However in most cases (especially for Oceania players) this information is very sparse. So I've had a request for help from on of the biographers there. He is interested in getting up to date information about Australian/New Zealand/PNG/Fiji players. The sort of information he is after is mundane things like date and place of birth, country of residence, but also more significant information like notable tournament victories, representative honours and dates of title and norms.
So if you are able to help feel free to email James at

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TrueFiendish said...

Yes, this is an excellent site, one which I am forbidden from visiting because my (overzealous) employers have filtered it, deeming it to be too closely associated with "games". How little do they know. Not happy, Jan!