Monday 14 April 2008

Dubbo Weekender - Travel Notes

Here is rough breakdown of time and money spent playing chess in Dubbo. While I traveled from Canberra, this could equally apply to Sydney and Newcastle(?) as they are all about 400km away from Dubbo.

  • Total Travel Distance - 785km
  • Total Driving Time 8hr 30 min
  • Departure Time 6:00am Saturday
  • Return Time 10:15pm Sunday
  • Total Time Away 40hr 15min
  • Stops at Mickey D's - 3
  • Times caught speeding - 0
  • Petrol - $80
  • Hotel (4 star) - $90
  • Meals - $50
  • Entry - $40
  • Internet - $10
So if you've got 40 hours and $270 it is a relatively simple task to play in a NSW Country Weekender, be it Dubbo or Blayney or Toukley etc etc And if you travel with a group, (2,3, or 4 people) then expenses can drop below the $200 mark.


Anonymous said...

Should try it the reverse way, travelling from the country to the major cities. The accommodation costs will be far more expensive for starters. But then again the opportunity to enjoy a good quality tournament without spending a fortune is a rare treat for us country players, so I look forward to events such as Dubbo.
I had a 420 km round trip, one night in a shared motel room with 3 others, worked out at $18.75 each, petrol (actually LPG) $30, Feed and Coffee approx $70. So a good weekend tournament for less than $200. Can we do it again next weekend please :)
The only downside to my weekend was that some lowlife/s attempted to steal my car! Broken quarter window, smashed paneling and ignition switch, but thankfully the steering lock held and the car was still there to come home in.

TrueFiendish said...

Shaun, three stops at McDonald's! I hate to be holier than thou but that really is quite bad.

Shaun Press said...

No, the criticism is a fair one!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. A Big Mac with fries..........and a diet coke.