Monday, 6 May 2013

I'm pretty sure this event isn't getting rated.

An odd story from India concerning what might be the worst organised chess event in history. The Under 2200 FIDE rated event was expected to attract a field of 200 players, but instead only managed 30 players. Some of the visiting players were paid appearance money, but part of the conditions were that they lose to the local players to 'help the local talent'. The whole thing sounds like a complete train wreck, but in case I have misreported the facts, you can read what the "The Hindu" said about it here.


nimzo said...

It looks like the local officiandos are unmoved by the story. Please also see

Would you please comment whether pairing and results should be made public or not?

Durga Prasad Vaddi said...

My questions to APCA secretary are as follows:

1. If posting results to "" is not mandatory what is the evidence for the public that APCA secretary Mr. Kanna Reddy had for using Swiss Manager in the tournament? Only words of players and arbiter where a suspect of proposed fraud took place?

2. As this is a tournament conducted by FIDE laws of chess in the Hyderabad. Is it not mandatory to the APCA secretary to visit the tournament venue for verifying the event when he is present in Hyderabad it self? If it is not mandatory is it not his moral responsibility to visit? If it is so why did he failed to do it? Are there any malified intentions behind this incident? as we chess lovers feel that nothing is possible with out his support.

3. When invitation to tournament is made a public document ("") why not mandatory the pairings and results and who are all the 200 people are invited in India? Will APCA president dare to made the list of players invited as a public document?

Durga Prasad Vaddi said...