Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Miniature of the Month - April 2013

Trawling through my database of recent games (courtesy of Chess Today), I was surprised to find very few interesting miniatures played in the month of April. There was one game from Israel that went 1.g4 e6 2.f3 Qh4# but clearly there is a story behind it that I am not aware of (The loser was rated 2445 btw).
So here is a game that was played on April Fools Day. For most of the game it just burbles along without anything too dramatic happening, but on move 19 (1 move before the cut off for the miniature category) White moves his rook to the wrong square, missing a back rank mate.

Petrov,Marij (2508) - Kalinins,Valentine (2074) [B01]
e2e4 Dublin Masters Dublin IRL (9), 01.04.2013

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