Sunday, 25 September 2011

The case of the disappearing blogger

On the left of this page are links to various things, included other chess blogs I read. At the top of the list is the Closet Grandmasters Blog. It was the first successful Australian chess blog, and was probably the most widely read, up until this year. Last year, work commitments saw the Closet Grandmaster head off to Japan. Then this year saw a few other issues (earthquakes, tsunami's) make it harder for the Closet Grandmaster to blog. Indeed, this silence caused some concern amongst some regular readers.
Well I'm pleased to say the Closet GM is still around, although he is not blogging so much. Instead he is posting quite regularly on another platform, Google+. While chess look like it is now a lower priority, he is finding a lot that is interesting about contemporary Japanese culture. Of course his audience is smaller, but when Google+ moves away from the invitation only mode it is now in, I'm sure his readership will once again increase.

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Anonymous said...

He is also active at facebook with interesting pictures.

Henrik Mortensen