Sunday, 17 April 2011

IM Norm for Illingworth

It looks like FM Max Illingworth has picked up an IM norm at the just completed Thailand Open. He defeated Jarrod Neubronner (SIN) in the final round to have a PR of 2450+ and a share of 6th place. He drew with the 3 GM's he played including tournament winner Jan Gustaffson (2647).
Gustaffson finished on 7.5/9, and shared first place with GM's Francisco Vellejo Pons and Nigel Short.
IM James Morris also had a fine tournament finishing on 5.5/9, with a number of other Australian players (West, Reilly etc) finishing further down the field. On their return to Australia both Illingworth and Morris will be taking part in the O2C Doeberl Cup which begins this Thursday in Canberra.
Final results from the Thailand Open can be found here.

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Jon Rep said...

Two Good Chess players. Congratulations.