Saturday, 9 April 2011

2011 Dubbo Open - Day 1

The 2011 Dubbo Open got under way today, with a field of 48 players (exactly the same as last year). In the absence of last years titled players, this years event is looking to be a wide open affair. Despite this, the first round results were of a slightly curious nature, with every higher seeded player winning their game. Not a single upset of half upset. Round 2 almost followed the same script, with the higher seed player winning all but 3 games (which were all drawn). It wasn't until the third round that a few upsets crept into the crosstable.
After 3 rounds only 2 player maintained a perfect score. Allen Setiabudi beat fellow Canberran Josh Bishop after sacrificing a piece for long term attacking pressure. Christopher Skulte almost missed his chance for 3/3 after misjudging the start time for the third round and turning up 25 minutes late. But then, with thing looking grim in his game against Mike Canfell, he benefited from an ill-judged winning attempt and quickly found the mating attack.
Skulte and Setiabudi play in tomorrows round 4. There is a big group of player on 2.5/3 and a bigger group on 2. A full crosstable of this event can be found here.


MachoM said...

I'm rooting for Bill Egan. If anyone reads this(!) then please tell him that I got the JAZZ QUEEN.


Henrik Mortensen

Alana :) said...

Go ACT!!

Jim said...

Well done Wenlin. As Alana said "Go ACT!!"

Thanks for putting the results up so promptly, Shaun.