Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Some big improvers

Much excitement in the Press household with the release of June 2010 Australian Ratings. Not so much for me (as my rating went down) but for my son who is that stage of his career where ratings are really, really important. As his rating jumped by over 200 points he was quite pleased with the outcome.
And I suspect the next meeting of the ANU Chess Club will see a number of other pleased players, with 3 of the countries top improvers being club members (although in December 2009 the club had 6 of the biggest improvers). However the biggest improver of the lot wasn't on the official list (due to the sensible restriction against listing players with unreliable ratings, as huge jumps are possible at the start of your chess career). James Ashton went from 148? (ie unreliable) to 708, an increase of 560 points in 3 months.

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TrueFiendish said...

Cat's in the cradle. He'll start waxing you; then you'll be both sad and proud.