Saturday, 15 May 2010


In Australia (and probably a lot of the English speaking world), the feeling is that Chess is neglected by the media and sponsors because it isn't a 'real' sport. It is considered a hobby, a pastime, or a recreational activity. And because Australia is such a 'sporting' country, the money only flows to 'real' sports (This criticism is also levelled by the Arts community towards the media and big business).
In India, where chess is both considered a sport, and the number 2 sport behind cricket, you might not think a similar problem would occur. However this article from the Times of India not only says it does, but lays the blame squarely at the feet of the head of the All India Chess Federation. For not only is N Srinivasan the head of the AICF, he is also the secretary of the governing body for cricket in India, the BCCI. And while huge sums of corporate money flow into cricket in that country, the AICF does not have the finances to organise a real big event like a World Championship Match.

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