Tuesday, 18 May 2010

2010 Olympiad Selections

The deadline for registering players for the 2010 Chess Olympiad is May 20 (ie 2 days). For the first time there is an online registration system, which fortunately makes seeing the team lists for other countries easier. However, as teams can change their compositions up until mid July, I am assuming that such lists may be considered tentative.
From Oceania the following teams and players have been registered.

Papua New Guinea (Open) (Brian Jones Captain)
  1. Joselito Marcos
  2. Shaun Press
  3. Helmut Marko
  4. Rupert Jones
  5. Brayden Soo
Palau (Open) (Jamie Kenmure Captain)
  • Tito Cabunagan
  • Bernardo Garcia
  • Roberto Hernandez
  • Cyril Montel
  • Gene Pastrana
Australia (Open) (Manuel Weeks Captain)
  • Darryl Johansen
  • David Smerdon
  • Stephen Solomon
  • George Xie
  • Zong Yuan Zhao
Australia (Women) (Leonid Sandler Captain)
  • Irina Berezina
  • Arianne Caoli
  • Biljana Dekic
  • Emma Guo
  • Giang Nguyen
New Zealand (Open) (Hilton Bennett Captain)
  • Daniel Han
  • Stephen Lukey
  • Bob Smith
  • Michael Steadman
  • Gino Thorton
New Zealand (Women) (Viv Smith Captain)
  • Eachen Chen
  • Natasha Fairley
  • Sue Maroroa
  • Hellen Milligan
  • Shirley Wu
A number of other teams have registered as well, and you can check them out by searching here. One interesting team list was England, with Michael Adams not in the team (although Gawain Jones was). Also I haven't seen any info on either a Fiji team or a Solomon Islands team as yet.

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Calvin Prasad said...

Fiji will not be sending a team this year...