Tuesday 29 July 2008

More chess gifts

As I've said in the past, chess players are hard to buy for. The obvious gift of a chess set often doesn't work as anything other than a standard tournament set can be annoying. Chess books are tricky as the ones you find in regular bookshops are pretty basic, and buying from a chess retailer runs the risk of duplicating a previous purchase.
However my wife cam across something that might be suitable, in that it is chess themed, without having real utility. Chess Candles. The ones she showed me were about 30cm tall and you could choose either a King or a Queen. The only drawback is the price (around $100 per piece) so I suggest you avoid trying to buy a whole set.
(NB The link given above is one I've pulled at random. There may be other and better sellers of chess candles in Australia. Just do a search on "Chess Candles" if you wish to find more)


Unknown said...

I'd take the chess set, if some one was willing to spend that much money! I've seen quite a few of the real expensive chess sets with colorful stone squares and exquisite fantasy pieces and such that I would really like to have owned.

Even if I didn't use it all the time for serious practice, it would be fun to play around with every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaun,

I just had a look at the site....it's a pity, as the the only colours the candles seem to come in is Black or White....