Sunday 20 July 2008

1 Week to ANU Open

Only a week to go to the ANU Open, and the field will certainly bigger than last year. The deadline for discounted entries saw 62 players entered for both events (Open and Under 1600), and as last years tournament had 63 players I am safe in assuming more the 1 player will enter during the next week.
At the moment the size of the respective fields are almost identical to last years event, with almost twice as many players in the Minor (Under 1600) as in the Open. What is worth mentioning though, is that last years open was exceptionally strong with 9 titled players in the field of 26, and the top 5 seeds all rated above 2400! With the influx of strong players to Canberra in the last couple of years there will be a number of locals contributing to the top half of this years field.
The Chess Festival kicks off on Friday, with IM David Smerdon conducting a Simul in City Walk, Canberra City. The simul starts at 12:15pm and anyone who defeats or draws with David will win a book voucher from the ANU Co-Op Bookshop.

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