Friday 25 July 2008

2008 ANU Chess Festival Simul

IM David Smerdon kicked off the 2008 ANU Chess Festival with a simul in the centre of Canberra today. Taking on 17 pretty serious opponents Smerdon scored 15 wins and only conceded 2 draws. The two drawing players were Ian Hosking and junior player Emma Guo. Both of those players received prizes from the event sponsor, the ANU Co-Op Bookshop.
The simul attracted quite a crowd, with David even bringing along a cheer squad from his work (although as the event was held outside a pub, they may been there anyway!). The simul was not just a test of intelligence, but also a test of stamina, as the temperature was positively Arctic, with worm warm clothes being almost as important as strong moves.
Apart from the picture to the right, more photos from the simul can be seen at

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Garvin said...

temperature was positively Artic

Clearly they were strong and cold winds to travel all that way across the equator to make it to Canberra!