Wednesday, 26 March 2008

2008 Sydney International Open - Random Observations

At the Doeberl Cup the arbiters were replete in yellow tops, at the SIO they wear red. This lead Carl Haessler to remark upon entering the SIO playing hall and spotting the same arbiting team "You guys just change the colour of your shirts and start again"
And speaking of arbiters. GM Surya Ganguly was impressed by the strength of the organising teams. With an FM heading the organising team, and one olympiad player and a 2100 Elo rated player as arbiters he said "It is unusual to see such a strong arbiting team. You guys can actually play".
The DGT broadcasting system worked from the word go. Given that a stock of 9 boards had been rendered in-operational over the last 12 months, it was fortunate that the Australian organisers were able to source technical expertise from the Papua New Guinea Chess Federation in order to repair some of the boards. The continued assistance from the PNGCF should enable the rest of the boards to be repaired shortly.

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