Wednesday, 24 October 2007

How not to sell chess books

When Borders bookshop opened in Canberra, I was impressed by the range of chess books they had on sale. Probably 60 or so titles, and plenty that went beyond the usual "Chess for 5 year olds" that you see in most other book shops. And since the shop opened they seem to have been purchased at a pretty regular rate.
So you think that the person responsible for ordering books would think "We seem to have sold most of our chess books, lets get some more in". At least any intelligent person might think that. Sad to say it appears that the thought process in this case is instead "We seem to have sold most of our chess books, more room on the shelf for extra Sudoku books"
Genius, absolute genius.


Maxwell843 said...

The exact same thing is true at wollongong uni newsagent/ bookshop.
There was one or two chess books for sale. They're been sold but have they been replaced, nope.
And now there is like ten books on poker and ten books on sudoku, but none on chess.

DeNovoMeme said...

JM you bugger. I didn't know you were floating about in the virtual. ;-)