Thursday, 21 June 2007

O2C Doeberl Cup -> Australian Championship

Revisiting the issue of the 2007-2008 Australian Championship, I've noticed that discussion in various places is starting to turn towards alternative proposals. One such suggestion is to modify an existing event and turn that into an Australian Championship. At least 1 Victorian Club weekender has been suggested in this regard.
However, if the ACF does go down this path, then surely an event such as the Doeberl Cup should come into consideration. For a couple of reasons.
Firstly the tournament already attracts an Australian Championship calibre field (and this year easily exceeded it). Secondly, the event is located in a reasonably central location, both geographically and demographically. And thirdly, it offers a prize pool that would adequately compensate the championship participants.
There are a couple of other reasons that would support this proposal. Former ACF President Denis Jessop had already suggested the Doeberl Cup as a replacement for the Australian Open, so I assume that this revamped idea would also have his support if it were to go to the ACF Council. Secondly, the current ACF President Gary Wastell was talking to the Doeberl Cup Sponsors O2C about them sponsoring the 2007-2008 Australian Championship. I'm not privy to how those talks went, but if the sponsor won't come to the ACF, the ACF can come to the sponsor!
Of course such a proposal would involve some negotiation between the ACF and the Doeberl Cup organisers, especially in the area of incredibly silly ACF tournament by-laws, but I guess the ACF would have to be prepared to be 'flexible' in this area.
But of course at this stage it is just a trial ballon I've launched, as I neither speak for the Doeberl Cup, or understand what goes on inside the minds of the ACF Council!


Anonymous said...

Good idea. Hold the 2008 Australian Championship as part of the 2008 Doeberl Cup (or maybe even the 2008 SIO!)

BTW all the by-laws are silly. Why do we have them at all?


Shaun Press said...

An alternative proposal is to award the title of Australian Champion to the best combined score over the Doeberl Cup/SIO!

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Australian Championships to separate and held yearly.

Why not make a trio of great events formed from the Ballarat Begonia (were that to be raised to a nine round five day event) the Doeberl and the SIO?

My idea here is to give overseas players not only titled players more than one reason to come out.

One hiccup is the way the Easter dates float around.

I also don't agree with the way the SIO tailgates the Doeberl.

Maybe players would like a short break in between instead of driving or flying immediately from Canberra to Sydney.

DeNovoMeme said...

Doeberl = AustChamps. ?

Is certainly cures the Australian champs problem BUT it does so by amputating one big event from the calendar and feeding it to another event. However, the sum will be smaller than having two events. I do not think that is going to grow chess participation. ThereforeI say no to the idea.

Anonymous said...

The Australian International Open will be held in Penrith in January 2009. Maybe we should hold Opens every year. This just leaves the Australian (Closed) Championship (with all its silly by-laws) as the problem child.