Monday, 18 June 2007

About Chess

Late last week I managed to hose the OS on my laptop (Windblows if you must know) and am slowly putting the pieces back together. This has left me in a grumpy mood, so I did a little bit of egosurfing to cheer myself up. I was at least modest enough not to use my own name, using the blog name instead.
I came across a couple of mentions but the most interesting ones were at This website (run by Mark Weeks) has an enormous amount of chess information, including beginner guides, newsletters, product reviews, links to blogs etc etc It also has a regular monthly round up of other chess blogs called "Blogtrekking" which is well worth a read.
So with such wide coverage of the various facets of chess I've added it to the list of chess sites I link too from this page.

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Mark Weeks said...

Hi Shaun - I have a question for you on the 2007 Oceania Zonal. Is Oceania a FIDE zone (like maybe zone 3.4)? I looked for the answer in several places, without success. It's no big deal; I'm just curious and want to keep my records straight. Hope you don't mind that I'm asking the question here. - Mark