Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Sydney International Open 2007

The 2007 Sydney International Open is underway, with the first round taking place yesterday afternoon. There are 143 players taking part, which makes it the largest Open chess event in Sydney for a number of years.
In terms of titled players the event is even stronger than the O2C Doeberl Cup, with 1 extra GM (Murray Chandler), and a few extra IM's entering. There are a couple of places to see the pairings and results but my preference is for the link, that uses the sp2html system developed by Jonathan Paxman. The hompage for the tournament is here.
The first round went almost according to seeding, with the most notable upset being Vivian Smith's win over Malcolm Tredinnick. A couple of higher rated opponents were also held to draws. The tournament starts to get harder for most players this morning, with round 2 starting to see some tricky match ups for the top seeds.
There is also planned to be live coverage of the top boards using the DGT system, but technical difficulties are delaying this from happening. When it does start you should be able to it from the LIVE page. Having set up the DGT coverage for the 2006-07 Australian Open and assisted in setting up the live broadcasts for the 2007 Australian Junior, I know how difficult it can be to get it right. While both these events were able to start broadcasting from Round 1, normally it takes a day or two before the technical kinks can be ironed out.

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