Saturday, 7 April 2007

O2C Doeberl Cup - Day 2

The end of another long day at the Doeberl Cup, with Rounds 3&4 of the tournaments out of the way, as well as the traditional Doeberl Cup Lightning tournament.
After 4 rounds of the Premier the major surprise is that there is a single leader. GM Ian Rogers is the only player on a perfect 4/4. He defeated Jesse Sales (PHI) on Board 1 to move half a point ahead of the field. The second board matchup of IM Stephen Solomon v IM David Smerdon ended in a draw, leaving both players on 3.5.
In fact there were a whole raft of draws in Round 4 with Timoshenko-Goldenberg, Matamoros-Mikhalevski, Lane-Antic, and Shipov-Bakre all ending peacefully.
The big news from earlier in the day was the win by IM Stephen Solomon over the tournament top seed GM Sergei Shipov. Also significant was Jesse Sales win over Darryl Johansen.
In the other events Adrian Denoskowski is leading the Major with 4/4 while Bob Gibbons (NZ) is on 3.5/4 in the Seniors. The Minor is headed by Jonathan Shen and Emil-Lion Nomat who are on 4 points.
The Lightning event this evening was won by GM Carlos Matamoros Franco who score 8/9, winning his first 8 games. Outright second was Moulthun Ly on 7.5, and equal third were Manathan Chokshi (IND) and Zhigen Wilson Lin on 7. 65 players took part.
Scores and crosstables for the event can be found at Ian Rout's chesspage.

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