Friday 3 November 2023

Belconnen represent

 There was an interesting pairing in round 8 of the 2023 Isle of Man Grand Swiss. Australian Champion Temur Kuybokarov was up against 2023 Doeberl Cup winner Hrant Melkumyan. Although Melkumyan plays under the Armenian flag, he has been resident in Belconnen (a suburb of Canberra, Australia), for the past few years.

Both players had solid events (ie lots of draws), and this game ended with a shared point. But it was not a colourless draw with Black attacking an exchange down. White returned the material to reach a rook and queen ending, which was eventually drawn after an exciting battle over passed pawns.

Melkumyan,Hrant (2650) - Kuybokarov,Temur (2584) [D41]
FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of (8.33), 02.11.2023

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MachoM said...

They might have had played against each other before ... Who has normally the upper hand?