Sunday 19 November 2023

2023 Vikings Weekender - Day 1

 This years Vikings Weekender fells like a bit of a throwback to the 1980s. Due to venue constraints the tournaments (Open and Under 1600) are only 5 rounds, with 3 on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday. As a result, both events are already pretty cut-throat affairs, with a single loss leaving players with a very tough assignment if they hope to take 1st place.

In the Open section, Roger Farrell and Harry Press lead with 3/3. Farrell beat FM Michael Kethro in the evening game, while top seed IM Junta Ikeda drew with FM Fred Litchfield. Press and Farrell are paired in round 4, with the winner looking good to win the overall event. Of course Ikeda and Litchfield cam overtake them, but either (or both) need to win both games tomorrow.

The Minor (Under 1600) is equally competitive, with 3 players leading on 3/3. Simon Louie and Shriya Karthik share the lead with Masaki Horikawa, but Horikawa will miss the morning round, leaving it as essentially a battle between Louie and Karthik. 

Tournament results can be found at and there is also a link to the live coverage of the top games.

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