Tuesday 7 February 2023

Explained - Chess

 If you are a Netflix subscriber, then here is something that may be of interest. The series 'Explained' consists of a number of short (25 minutes) documentaries, covering various topics. One of the topics covered in the 3rd series is Chess.

Narrated by Rainn Wilson (actor, chess player, and sometime streamer), it provides a good overview of how chess is played, what makes it interesting, and why it is important. A mixture of archival footage and modern interview, it does quite a good job of introducing chess to the viewer, with the time it has available. One of the 'hooks' it uses is the Lasker v Thomas game played in 1912, going over the moves of that game, while talking about other aspects.

The link to the series is https://www.netflix.com/au/title/80216752 or you can such search on your tv/tablet/computer. For me it was an enjoyable 25 minutes of viewing, and unlike a lot of other documentaries on chess, there was very little they got wrong!

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