Thursday 23 February 2023

2023 Asian Chess Summit

 I am heading out of town (Canberra) to attend the 2023 Asian Chess Summit next week. It was intended to be the 2022 Asian Chess Summit, but for various reasons it ket getting shifted. 

Normally these events are mainly about networking and providing updates, but there is one contentious issue on the agenda. The Russian Chess Federation is applying to join the Asian Chess Federation, and leave the European Chess Union. The obvious cause of this is because Russian players are currently excluded from European events, and so the RCF is trying to 'jump ship'. There are a number of knock on effects if this does happen, including the decision by FIDE to allow Russian players to transfer to European federations at no charge, and to be entitles to represent their new federation immediately. 

Full details of FIDE's position on this can be found at

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Anonymous said...

How did you vote on Russia's admission?