Saturday 3 December 2022

More things that are not chess

 I've hit a bit of a dry spell with this blog lately. I suspect the main reason is that the effects of covid on OTB chess are still being felt. This has resulted in more online events (which I don't really follow), and faster/shorter events, which I don't take that seriously. 

The other reason is that paradoxically, having more free time (due to retirement) has resulted in me having less free time. I've ended up doing a lot more coaching than ever before, which makes it harder for me to organise the time for other (important) tasks. The knock-on effect is that instead of chess being an alternative to work, it is just part of my work.

On the bright side, I finally knocked off all the possible achievements at Faster Than Light (FTL). I managed this in part because things like FTL are now the break from chess, that chess used to be!


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