Sunday 11 December 2022

I have books (for Xmas)

 ** This is a shameless commercial **

If you are looking for a fantastic XMAS present for your children, other peoples children, nephews, nieces or even for yourself, then I have a deal for you.

I have a large collection of Gambit "Chess ... for Kids" books. The titles are

  • Chess Openings for Kids
  • Chess Opening Traps for Kids
  • Chess Tactics for Kids
  • Chess Endgames for Kids
  • Chess Strategy for Kids
  • Chess Puzzles for Kids
  • Chess For Children
I am letting them go for $20 each, but if you grab 3 it will be $50 and $80 for 5. At this stage this offer is just for the local Canberra chess community but I can post them (depending upon postage charges).

Interestingly, I have already sold a few sets of 5 (the first 5 listed above), but to adult players rather than kids. The main reason for this is that a couple of books (Chess Strategy for Kids and Chess Endgames for Kids) are actually just good introductory books for all ages. 

As with most books that teach you chess, the work you put into working through them is the real key to improvement. In this case the content is broken up into smaller chunks, making progress a lot easier to track.

If you do want to grab a book (or a set) just shoot me an email at

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