Thursday 18 August 2022

Czech Summer Chess

 The European Summer Chess Tour is a well known destination for Antipodean players, although Covid has restricted playing opportunities in the last few years. It does look like it is back to normal this year, and on young Canberran, FM Albert Winkelman, is giving it a go. He started with the Czech Open, before moving onto a GM event in Olomouc.  Being the bottom seed in the GM group is always going to be a tough ask, and his current score of 1.5/6 doesn't reflect how close he was in some games.

While looking through the games I did spot one very nice attack by Jonasz Baum, where a rook sacrifice lead to a position where White had to walk the tight-rope to avoid a loss. He did for a while, but eventually blindered, and quickly lost.

Lutsko,Artem (2407) - Baum,Jonasz (2412) [E49]
Olomouc Chess Summer 2022 - A Olomouc (CZE), Hotel Flora (5.5), 16.08.2022

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