Wednesday 17 August 2022

2022 British Championship

 The 2022 British Championship is well underway, and while it is happening on the other side of the world, there are a couple of participants who may interest readers of this blog. IM Gary Lane is taking part, and has all picked up first place in the Week 1 Open event. He scored 6.5/7 to win ahead of a small but strong field. He is also taking part in the championship as well, and is 3/4. One of the players tied for 1st is IM Brandon Clarke, who spent a few years in Sydney before returning to the UK.

Stewart Reuben is also taking part, albeit in the Seniors events. In the over 50 section he scored 3.5/6 before missing the final round (which had a 10am start!). He then backed up for the Over 65 section where he is 1/2, with his second round loss against top seed GM John Nunn. 

The Championship has quite a large number of events, including the British age championships. Full results and replayable games can be found at

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