Thursday 7 July 2022

The big collapse

 One thing I have noticed with a lot of younger players is the that they have a tendency to collapse in a heap when something goes wrong with their position. It could be something as simple as losing a pawn, or something as dramatic as realising the sacrifice they wanted to play doesn't work (and they then play it anyway). I suspect I probably did the same up until a point in my own career, but the fact that it happens still seems weird.

I did benefit from this in a rapid game I played recently. My opponent missed a tactic, possibly because they assumed it wasn't any good (2 pieces for a rook and 2 pawns). However they missed I was picking up a rook and a piece, so it was just a simple win of the exchange (and 2 pawns). But the game ending move was played a few moves later when they just blundered a rook, for reasons which were unclear to me.

Lee,Nicholas - Press,Shaun [B13]
Gungahlin Rapid (6), 05.07.2022

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