Friday 29 July 2022

2022 Chess Olympiad has started

 As I write this, the 2022 Chess Olympiad is just underway. While the Olympiad has had a history of late round 1 starts, the first moves for this one were played at 3:06 local time, a mere 6 minutes after the scheduled start. Just as impressive was the fact that only 4 teams in each section did not arrive for the first round (and were not paired). So the event has started with 182 federations, which was a number that surprised even the organisers. 

As for the action, a number of the top teams have rested their top boards (no sign of Carlsen as yet). The Indian team is obviously the centre of attention, being placed on Board 1 for each match, although seeded 2nd. Further down the usual suspects have gathered, including teams from PNG, Fiji and Guam. 

My work with the Technical Administration Panel has kept me quite busy, including the need to finish this post so I can run across to the 2nd playing hall to spot missing teams!

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