Thursday, 10 February 2022

2022 Lifeline Bookfair

 Tomorrow is the start of the 2022 Lifeline Bookfair. Hopefully i will be able to pick up a few new (second hand) chess books, although a little birdy has already told me that there may only be around 30 books on offer. This isn't actually a bad number, but most of them may be repeats of books I already own.

Normally a trip to the bookfair is a fairly placid outing, but if anyone has been paying attention to what has been happening in Canberra over the last week, it might be a little spicier. The book fair is located next to a major campground, which has hosted a large number of anti-vaxx/sov cits/no madate protestors. As any good protest (and I have been to a few) does involve disrupting what is considered acceptable behaviour, it will be see what happens tomorrow. 

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MachoM said...

Don¨t take ALL the good chess books ...