Sunday 12 December 2021

And now its all over

 After all the agonising about whether the 2021 World Championship match was going to see any decisive games, Carlsen wrapped it up with 4 wins over the last 6 games. Game 11 was Nepo's last chance to turn it around (or at least get something from the experience) but another tactical oversight left Carlsen with a winning position. He duly converted to reach the 7.5 points needed to retain his title. 

The second half collapse wasn't so much due to Nepo losing game 6, but his failure to bounce back in games 7 or 8. If he had been able to hold game 8 (instead of losing it) he might have still had a chance. Instead the blunder in game 8 (dropping a cold pawn) was somewhat reminiscent of Spassky's  blunders against Fischer in 1972, as was the final result (a 4 point winning margin). 

By the time he next defends the title Carlsen will have been World Champion for 10 years, which makes him 6 on the list of longest reigns (or 4th or 5th if you only count undisputed World Championships).

Nepomniachtchi,Ian (2782) - Carlsen,Magnus (2856) [C54]
FIDE World Chess Championship 2021 (11), 10.12.2021

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