Sunday 26 September 2021

Some International Chess

 One area of the world that has fully embraced online ches if the Asian Chess Federation. They are now organising a large number of online events, for both junior and open players. The most recent one was the East Asian Girls Championship, which was organised by the Thailand Chess Federation.

As travel is no longer an impediment to taking part, a number of local players took the opportunity to take part. Shriya and Shakthi Karthik played in the Under 14 and Under 12 sections, while Shivani Sundar played in the Under 8's. For each of the players it turned out to be tough going, as there were plenty of platers from other countries with greater experince.

The best score was achieved by Shriya Karthick who scored 4/9, including a quick win in the 2nd round

Karthik,Shriya (1379) - Prem Kumar,Hanushreeya (1024) [A27]
Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championships - Bangkok, Thailand (2.17), 24.09.2021

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