Thursday 16 September 2021

Russia win 2021 Online Olympiad

 After nearly a months play, Russia has emerged victorious in the 2021 Online Olympiad. After finishing as joint champions in 2020 (with India) they went one better this year, beating the USA in the final, winning both legs 3.5-2.5. Despite losing the final, the USA can also be proud of their finish, scoring come from behind wins over both Kazakhstan and India  in the knockout stage. 

The Online Olympiad attracted 155 teams, which is on par with (or better than) most Olympiads. For the lower ranked countries it was an opportunity to play some international chess, while for the stronger teams, it was a chance to make a mark on the world stage. 

While nothing definite has been announced at this stage, there is an expectation that this event will continue, in the non (OTB) Olympiad years.

Kosteniuk,Alexandra (2517) - Krush,Irina (2392) [A00]
2021 FIDE Online Olympiad (2.3), 15.09.2021

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