Thursday 12 August 2021

Canberra in lockdown - 12 August 2021

 Despite the many pointed barbs directed at the Socialist Republic of Canberra, we (both the government and community) have done very well at handling the Covid pandemic. However this good run has come to an end, with a Covid case being confirmed today. As a consequence the ACT is in lockdown for the next 7 days, which means a number of chess events have been cancelled or postponed. 

A non comprehensive list includes

  • Tuggeranong, Canberra and Gungahlin Chess clubs will not meet next week
  • Street Chess will not run on Saturday 14 August 2021.
  • School coaching programs will not run for 7 days (due to schools being closed)
  • The 2021 ACT Secondary Girls Chess Championship will be postponed to a future date
Assuming the shutdown prevents further community transmission  of Covid, things should be back to normal by Friday of next week.

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