Friday 20 August 2021

2021 Onilne Chess Olympiad - Starts today

 The 2021 Online Chess Olympiad starts in a few hours. Division 4 is the starting division this year, with Pool A the first pool to kick off. It consists of teams in Asia (including Oceania) including Fiji, Guam and Hong Kong. The top 3 teams from this pool (and each of the Division 4 pools) qualify for the next round (Division 3). Pool A begins at 6pm Canberra time, and there will be 3 rounds today with 4 rounds on Saturday and Sunday. Based on rating, Pakistan and Lebanon look like the favourites to qualify, but Fiji and Guam are in with a chance to take 3rd, along with a few other teams.

There should be plenty of life coverage of the games, which will be hosted on Details from are here while the official FIDE stream is at

(** I am a paid official for this event, although I will not be involved in Pool A for this round **)

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