Friday 23 April 2021

The Method

 In the quest to play better chess, and number of methods for deciding the best move or plan have been proposed. These include the Purdy Method, the Kotov Method, the Moisenko System, etc etc. Of course, if there was such a foolproof system chess would be a lot less interesting, as it would simply be a battle about who could implement the best method correctly. 

Nonetheless one system I don't mind is that proposed by Karpov in his book "Find the Right Plan". He boils it down to a single concept "Restricting the mobility of your opponent's pieces is the most important law of chess". The book contains a number of examples of this in practice, and a large number of studies where the goal is to trap a piece or pieces. And although I don't always follow this "Law" it can come in handy when trying to find a way of improving your own position.

Brown,Jordan - Press,Shaun [C59]
Murphy Memorial (4), 20.04.2021

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