Monday 5 April 2021

2021 O2C Doeberl Cup - Final Day

 The 2021 O2C Doeberl Cup has ended with GM Justin Tan (AUS) and GM Daniel Fernandez tying for 1st place on 7.5/9. In an incredibly exciting final round, Tan defeated FM Jack Puccini (AUS), while Fernandez had to overcome tournament top seed GM Hrant Melkumyan (ARM). Tan won the tournament trophy on countback, while both players earned $4000 each for their shared first place. Along the way Tan played 5 GM's (out of a possible 6), and had a TPR of 2690.

GM Bobby Cheng (AUS) finished in outright third place on 7, after a win over local player Roger Farrell. Farrell, who was considered a future star of Australian chess in the early 1980's, made a strong return to high level chess almost 40 years later. Fourth place was shared by GM Temur Kuybokarov and GM Anton Smirnov, who both won their last round games to finish on 6.5.

The Major (Under 2000) tournament ended in a 4 way tie between Dylan Siow-Lee, Aiden Brady, Ryder Testolin and Lachlan Lee, all on 6/7. Remarkably for Siow-Lee, he was eligible for the Minor (Under 1600) section, and had strongly considered playing in that event instead.

The Minor (Under 1600) was won by Tedric Li, who started with 6 straight wins before a final round draw resulted in a winning score of 6.5/7. Vihaan Anup Kumar and James Gao finished in a tie for 2nd on 6. 

The tournament attracted a total of 330 players breaking the previous record set in 2014. This was helped by a growing interest in tournament chess from new players, with the Under 1200 event attracting 67 players, and the Minor a massive 123 players. Even the traditional Kinford Consulting Blitz event had a record field of 133 players, with ben Harris dominating the field to win with 8.5/9.

The 2021 O2C Doeberl Cup was organised by the ACT Chess Association and was supported by the Doeberl Family, O2C Consulting, Mr Baldev Bedi, Kinford Consulting, Street Chess, Matt Radisich and Paul Dunn. The arbiting team was headed by IA Alana Chibnall, assisted by IA Charles Zworestine, FA Nick Kordahi, Bevan Closton and Miona Ikeda. Tournament support was provided by a dedicated team of volunteers which included Shun Ikeda, Juliet Zhu, Mark Kethro, Louisa Hou, Milan Ninchich and Miles Patterson. GM Ian Rogers and WFM Cathy Rogers provided live commentary of the games, while Paul Dunn handled the game entry duties.

Results from the tournament can be be found at 

Fernandez,Daniel Howard (2466) - Melkumyan,Hrant (2663) [E70]
Doeberl Cup Premier (9.2), 05.04.2021

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