Monday 28 December 2020

Currently +1

 The last big event of 2020 (or the first of 2021) is the Airthings Masters which is being played online on The format is a 12 player RR, with the top 8 players then going through to a KO final. Currently there is a 6 way tie for the lead in the qualifier, with 4.5/8 (+1) being enough for a share of equal first. The reason for such caution has a lot to do with the format, as +1 or even 50% should be enough to get the players through to the next round. Nonetheless there has been some interesting games, including this quick win for Wesley So against Anish Giri.

Giri,Anish (2731) - So,Wesley (2741) [A14]
Airthings Masters | Prelims (3.4), 26.12.2020

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