Sunday 22 March 2020

Out through the In door

The transition to running club events as online tournaments is going quite smoothly. Today I ran the first online Street Chess event, with 16 players taking part. To keep some connection with the 'real' Street Chess, I did run it from the usual venue, King O'Malley's. With a fully charged laptop I was able sit sit in the outdoor area, joined by one other tournament participant, and a couple of other spectators, who had turned up expecting a face to face event.
I ran it as a full 7 round event, with the standard time limit of G/15m. As well as a lot of the regular players, the tournament also attracted a couple of former Canberra players now resident in other Australian cities.
There was a tie for first between Wenlin Yin and Leron Kwong, with Lachlan Smart finishing third. Sulia Van Sebille took advantage of modern technology to finish Best of the Bottom Half, while playing her games from Melbourne.
The only technical issue was a couple of players disconnected, and were then booted from the event. It seems that there is a 60s timeout limit, after which you are removed from future pairings. This is a little harsh, but I think this a server rule, which cannot be overridden.

If you want to organise such events yourself, has a set of instructions at

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