Sunday 8 March 2020

2020 ACT Chess Championship - Day 3

IM Junta Ikeda holds a 1 point lead going into the final day of the 2020 ACT Chess Championship. Ikeda defeated Ruofan Xu in round 4, before beating FM Michael Kethro in the afternoon round. The loss by Kethro dropped him back into equal second on 4 points, alongside Harry Press and Dillon Hathiramani.
Today's games saw some odd pairings, and some odd positions. Round 4 saw a father and son pairing, as well as twin brothers being paired against each other. Both games ended up drawn. Round 5 saw 3 games (out of 18) with at least one player with 2 queens on the board, including 1 where both players had 2 queens!
Round 6 starts at 10am tomorrow, with Ikeda up against Harry Press on the top board. A win for Ikeda guarantees him at least a share of the title, while a win for Press would make a 3 way tie for first a distinct possibility.

Kethro, Michael - Ikeda, Junta
2020 ACT Chess Championship, 2020.03.08

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