Friday 5 April 2019

Too quick on the trigger

One of the things I have noticed about teaching younger players, is that they wish to play the first move they think of. It is a hard habit to get them out of, especially when I am sometimes guilty of the same offence. An example of this is a game I played the other night at Belconnen Chess Club.
After my opponent dropped a pawn due to an hallucination (see move 13), I had a much better position. Choosing to simplify to a better ending, I left the c pawn hanging due to the bishop fork on e4. But, if I had slowed down a bit and looked at *all* checks and captures I would have found a significantly better move.
While it did not make a difference to the final result, it is still something I would rather not miss, as there will come a time when a quick and lazy move may well cost me the game.

Hosking,Ian - Press,Shaun [C45]
Murphy Memorial, 02.04.2019

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